13M Used stage semi trailer

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10.00 steel
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13M stage semi trailer Specification
ItemQuantityConfiguration list
13m OEM semi trailer chassis1 unit10.00 steel tire,90 traction pin, ABS anti-lock system
13m stage box1 set

Stage length:12m

Stage width: 6m

Stage height:6m(maximinium)

Firstly,both sides wing plates will be expanded by hydraulic power after four legs used to achieve vehicle stability.

Secondly, a folding stage on the left and right sides is opened hydraulically.

Finally, vehicle ceiling and both sides wing plates as stage ceiling, which are lifted and expanded by four vertical hydraulic cylinder of front and rear compartments.

Vehicle hydraulic system1 set1 set of hydraulic power unit, 6 main and auxiliary stage cylinders, 6 wing panels, 4 support legs and 4 hydraulic cylinders on the ceiling.
Electric equipment1 setTrailer box equipped with the distribution panel, lighting, lighting layout stage, power outlets, 220V power system set.
Remote control equipment1 setVehicle hydraulic system using wireless remote control and a set of spare hydraulic manual operation device
Vehicle painting1 set

Raw material treatment:

cutting, rust removal, grinding, phosphating, spraying anti-rust primer.


spraying rust-proof primer, putty, polishing, spraying anti-rust primer, Metal finish coating.


Note: This deputy platform hydraulic expansion of the structure is our independent reasearch and development, compared to others, it has the following leading edge in these main aspects: time-saving. Labor-saving and more safer.

2,Exterior material of trailer body

Note: High-quality aluminum plate is used to make of the outer panel by our company, compared to iron welding used by most other suppliers, it with characteristics as light, flat, corrosion-resistant etc.

More important, it can greatly improve the looking appearance of the trailer and service life.

3,Materials of Stage floor

Note: Stage dedicated non-slip laminates compared with Bamboo plastic plate, it has advantages in better protection, technical features, stage show performance, which can fully meet the needs of the performance activities.

4,Way of hydraulic operation

Note: Shanghai Stephy hydraulic system operation mode which is used in our product, is wireless remote control plus spare button operation. Compared with valve operation or wire controled button, our operation model have the advantages of simple and convenient operating, wide field of vision and safer.

5,Stage ceiling anti-wind guid pilllar

Note: We use synchronous motor once-shunt method to achieve the ceiling lift, while other suppliers use three-times shunt method. Compared to three-times shunt method, synchronous motor once-shunt method has very good improvement in stability during the ceiling lift process.

In addition, the anti-wind guide pillar and the overall structure adopted by our company make the wagon have a very stable effect in harsh environment (gale).

  1. Vehicle painting and materials
  • Raw materials of the steel used in our products is the international standard profiles.
  • In addition, prior to production, our company will give priority to polished steel rust and then phosphating and primer (anti-rust paint) of the coating.
  • in total, three-times primer paint and five-times surface paint treatments are used in the whole production process.
  • Compared with only a simple primer paint treatment and non- phosphating, to a large extent, our production process has improved the overall appearance of the product, the service life and product safety factor.

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